Employment Procedure

Application Procedure
If you are interested to apply for work in Greece or Cyprus you have to register in our agency by bringing or sending by
e-mail or by post via registered mail the following documents:

1. CV (Resume) in English
2. Passport copy
3. Passport size photo (please smile!)
4. Full size body photo (can be any recent photo from you family album)

After we receive the documents listed above, we will evaluate your level of English language either personally in our agency, by telephone or Skype. The evaluation will help us to make sure you can communicate with the employer on the phone as well as during your work abroad. Don’t be upset if your English level is lower than required. We will advise you how to improve it and will re-check it later.

All candidates despite their English level are included into our database. Applications are sent to the potential employers. When an employer gets interested in a particular candidate, we will contact you and inform about the possible work opportunity. At this point you can enquire about the job conditions through our agency or even talking to the employers on the phone directly when possible.


Employment Procedure
If the job offered and the conditions meet your interests and expectations the agency in
Greece or Cyprus sends to us the documentary personalized WORK OFFER with all working conditions listed. Most of the times, the expected employment period is from 6 to 12 months, but sometimes there are offers for a shorter period of time (summer jobs).

After signing the work offer and knowing departure dates, you will have to cover:

1. Travel expenses to the working place (one way or both way tickets depending on employer’s requirements) around 250-500 Euro
Necessary documents processing approximately 150 Euro