Crewing Agency ISMIRA

Crewing Agency Ismira - Taikos 82-1, LT-93160 Klaipeda, Lithuania

Tel.: (370 46) 345 009 Fax/Tel.: (370 46) 345 621






Work performance not to required Company standards;
Discrimination by any crew member against any passenger or co-worker, based on race, nationality, religion, gender, or handicap;
Any form of harassment including sexual, racial, nationality, religious, gender, or handicap-based harassment;
Congregating with other co-workers and ignoring the passengers; gathering in groups of four (4) or more in any public area of the ship;
Use of indecent or foreign language in the presence of a guest or a co-worker;
Purchasing drinks from the bar without authorization;
Creating or contributing to unsanitary or unsafe conditions;
Sleeping while on duty;
Repeated tardiness and absenteeism;
Inappropriate dress code and grooming standards;
Unauthorized use of public areas;
Violation of regulations concerning safety and fire/lifeboat drills;
Exhibiting a negative attitude which interferes with your job performance or the performance of others;
Dispensing of medication;
Discussing business, personal, or unauthorized matters in public areas of the ship where guests can overhear the conversation;
Appearing in public areas without a name badge;
Violation of shore leave regulations;
Smoking in public areas or in any area of the ship not designated for smoking;
Discussing with and/or requesting tips from the passengers;
Violation of any other established ship regulations.

Violations of the rules and regulations constitute a breach of contract with the Company and will be dealt with on board in the following manner: First two violations will result in written warnings and the third rule violation will result in dismissal from the ship and ineligibility for any future employment with the Company.

Carrying or having possession of drugs, firearms, or any other weapons;
Cooking in cabins or burning candles and any other open flame in cabins;
Theft of any property that is not rightfully yours, or keeping unreported found items;
Intoxication in any area of the ship or to come on board intoxicated after shore leave;
Any form of gambling;
Entering any passenger cabin or other prohibited area (casino, swimming pool, etc.) without proper authorization;
Intimacy with guests or offering sexual favors of any kind;
Dumping garbage overboard;
Harboring a stowaway or non-fare-paying individual;
Inviting or allowing guests into crew areas or to attend private crew parties;
Fighting, under any circumstance;
Sabotage of ship and/or passenger property;
Smuggling of any goods;
Refusal to work;
Solicitation of gratuities/tips;
Breach of confidentiality;
Flagrant insubordination.

Any of the above rule violation will result in disciplinary action and may lead to your immediate dismissal and disembarkation without repatriation.