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U.S. Seamen’s Transit (C1/D) visa is necessary to join the ship. This type of visa does not allow to work, study, travel or live at the territory of the United States. Every cruise company employee has to personally apply for visa to the U.S. Embassy. The cruise company issues a Letter of Employment to its every employee that states the employee’s personal data, name of ship he/she has to join, sign-on date and obligation to carry any repatriation expenses. We will provide you with all necessary documents for visa application in the U.S. Embassy. We also instruct you before the interview with the consul explaining what questions to expect. The best advice would be: “Tell the truth” because if the embassy employees discover that an applicant is lying, you will certainly be refused visa and are unlikely to receive it in the future. If you were never refused the U.S. visa before and never had problems with the law or immigration authorities, you do not have to worry about visa application.