Welcome to the website of "ISMIRA" Agency!

Our company offers recruitment and manning services to the foreign employers and to the biggest cruise companies in the world - leaders of the cruise vacation industry. We perform professional selection, training, and processing to provide our employers with qualified and motivated personnel.
Dear Employers,
We believe that our agency's expertise and experience will serve your company's interests the best way.
The chain of our partners and affiliates in Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan gives us an access to international labor markets, which are able to supply a growing number of employees every year.
Our applicants from all over the regions are carefully pre-selected and trained to meet the standards of the employer's company including English language level, quality service, ship familiarization, and safety requirements. Our agency is looking forward to offer our services to your company’s benefit.

Dear Applicants,
We will help you to successfully get a job with a foreign employer or cruise line company according to your expectations, experience and knowledge.


During 14 years of our operations, we have been constantly improving the quality of our services offered, targeting to provide our applicants with as much information as possible about their future job.


Before every new employee steps on board the ship, he/she is informed of every detail of the work position starting from the salary and to the color of socks worn with the uniform.


If after you get acquainted with this website, you would decide that our offered jobs abroad or onboard the cruise ships is right for you,