clients feedbacks

Oksana Ivanova
Oceania Cruises


Regent Seven Seas


To work on board Oceania not too easy, but you meet a lot of people, some of them become your friends; you can visit a lot of places around the world: you can see carnival in Rio, frozen mountains in Alaska, sunny streets on Europe and many many others things. I like my job and I like this life.



This is a great opportuniy to visit all parts of the world and to meet great people on board. Life on Regent is realy interesting,there are a lot of things to do and grow up with a company. I am really happy to be with Regent Seven Seas. I like my job, I like the way I am doing, and I like this life.




Nataliya Malakhova
Marina Cruise Ship


The best thing is a large amount of destinations. In autumn and spring it’s Europe (Greece, Italy, France, Spain). In summer it’s England, Russia, Ukraine, Scandinavian countries. In winter you can visit French Polynesia (Boro-Boro, Tahiti), Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand. Thank you to Ismira for feeling so protected for this 3 years. Thank you for taking good care of me, Avital!