What are the main requirements?
You need to be 18-30 years old, be able to fluently speak English and have at least minimum work experience. However, these are general requirements. Each cruise company has their own specific additional requirements.


What is the cost of the program?
Approximately you should be ready to spend $1,500. The main expense is flight ticket (around $1,000). The rest amount you will spend on visa, medical insurance and English test.


When I will have to pay all the charges for service incl.medical and fly ticket ,after getting job offer?
If you will be found suitable during our pre-screening process for any position you may apply to, then we shall be able to present you to the respective employer (cruise line). Once you are approved by the employer and accept the position, you will be placed to the gap pool (waiting list to receive ship assignment).  Once you get your ship assignment, there start your expenses (investment) into joining – medical exam, visas, tickets etc as per company requirements.


How long should I wait for the job contract before departure?
It all depends on a cruise company’s need in workers, but after successfully passing job interview you may wait 2-10 months averagely.


Is it true that I my passport must be kept on board for the whole period of my contract? What if I don’t want to give my passport?
Yes, that’s true. You will be given special ID card for the whole period of your contract. The reason for keeping your passport on board is custom control. Every day a cruise liner enters a new country and each crew member should pass custom control. That’s why all passports are kept in one place so you don’t need to leave your work place every time. This is the official rule of all cruise companies which you can find in “Crew Inspection Guide” document, specified by Customs & Border Protection Office. This is an example. Each cruise company has its own document.


What is the length of the contract?
Usually the contract can last for 6, 8 or 10 months.


Is it real to save money?
It all depends only on you. Remember that company provides free food and accommodation. You will be spending only on your personal needs. So, it’s up to you how much money you will be able to save.


According to my citizen(Ukraine)do they will deduct taxes from salary according to US
You will be working on board the ship, so your taxation will be governed not by US laws, but by the laws of the country of the vessel registry (flag of the ship). Cruise ships sail under various flags such as Panamanian, Bahamian, Marshall Islands, Malta etc (but not USA in any case). Thus no tax is deducted from your salary towards these countries or Ukraine.  Declaring and paying income tax to your home country is your responsibility and expense.


The interview with Carnival representative will be by Skype? Cause in contact it’s mentioned face to face
Cruise companies usually prefer to conduct interviews face-to-face, but sometimes when they urgently need crew, they my conduct interviews by skype. We do not know very well in advance when and how they will hold next interview, therefore we inform all suitable candidates about time and form of interview once it becomes known to us.


I am very concerned about Overweight policy BIM, because I do the gym training and may be I have some extra but not a lot my weight totally not according to BIM if consider that my bones is havy but I don’t have a lots of extra weight, what to do?
BMI has to be normal regardless of sport and bones weight. Check this page and see the norm is up to 25. However cruise company medical department may allow joining with higher BMI (but in any case never more than 30) if all other tests are normal. This is being decided individually when medical exam is submitted to the company by the doctor that you will be visiting at home (from the approved list only!).


When will be medical exam and where? After successful interview?  In Miami, or in another country where clinic approved by PEPE USA requirements? Also concerned about it, we never no..if I fail in Miami on some medical tests? I should not ,but just trying to know before I sign.
Medical exam to be conducted at home before applying for visa but after ship assignment received. Only approved medical centers can be used. Each cruise company has a list of approved medical centers. In Ukraine –  Odessa (and some companies in Kiev) has approved centers.


Untill what date should sign contract with agency?
You can sign it whenever you wish. However we will not proceed with your employment until we receive the service agreement and pre-screen questionnaire signed by you.