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In cooperation with our partner Travel Agency
DANIRO TURAS we help our crew members to join their assigned vessels safely and efficiently. Tickets requests should be sent to your ISMIRA Placement Manager or to [email protected]


As ISMIRA carries full responsibility for new crew joining it is highly recommended to stick to marine-fare tickets as this will allow to easily track, cancel or change ticket in case of crew travel emergencies or in the event of the assignment alteration. The advantages of the marine airfares usually include possibility to buy tickets with extra weight and luggage units allowance and no or very little penalties for ticket date change or cancellation. Regular-fare or budget airline tickets may be cheaper, but are not a good option as they may not be canceled or changed free of charge.


You will have to cover the cost of your joining airline ticket if not instructed otherwise. Ticket price can vary from 250 EUR to 900 EUR depending on the joining port. The cruise company shall normally pay the repatriation ticket except the cases stated in your crew agreement.


During the first weeks on board a newly hired employee has to adapt to the new environment, new faces, and new life pace. Many barriers appear when the employees meet with the nautical terms. Names of ship parts, tools, cleaning devises, acronyms, and slang can be new even to people speaking English well. You can find the summary of ship terms
here. More information on department specific terminology is available in the agency.