How to Apply?

If you are interested in work on the cruise ship, if you feel you are the right candidate and if you meet the following requirements:

  • Age: 21 years old and above;
  • Ability to communicate in English language;
  • Have no valid criminal convictions;
  • Free from alcohol or drugs dependence;
  • Have no psychological or emotional disorders;
  • Good physical health and emotional status;
  • “Can do” attitude, smile and good communication skills;






First, you have to register with our agency.


(1) Forward your CV/ Resume* in English to [email protected]

You can visit our office in person, and bring all the documents:

 Turgaus g. 29-1, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Workdays from 9am till 5pm 



*Recommended web sites on composing your CV/Resume:


After you register in our agency we will check your English either by telephone, Skype or personally. We will determine your level of spoken English in order to make sure that you will be able to communicate with the native English-speaker. At the interview you should also make an impression of a confident job seeker with good communication and hospitality skills. If your English language knowledge is weak, do NOT get upset! At your request our agency provides
English language courses in small groups or individually. We also offer Hospitality and Quality Service Programs for those who speak English well but need to improve their professional knowledge.




Before the job interview with the cruise company representative you will also need to present to our agency the following documents:

Passport copy
CV in English
2 passport-size (5x5) photos (please smile! - it is indeed important how you look on the photo)
Police clearance report in English or translated into English.

    Click here for more information on the certificate (for Lithuanian citizens only)
Recommendations from the previous work places either in English or translated into English (if available)
Copies of Diplomas or/and certificates related to the position applied with translations into English (if available)
Respective Cruise Company application form (will be available in our agency right before interview)


You can bring these documents directly to our office or send them to us via e-mail or by post.




Job interviews with the representatives of every cruise company are organized two-four times a year. The interviews are usually held in Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga, Klaipeda, Minsk, or Sankt Petersburg. The location depends on the employer's needs and the number of applicants generated in each region. After we find out about the exact time, date and place of the coming interview, we invite all applicants willing to participate by contacting them via e-mail or phone. We provide detailed information about documents needed for participation, company’s requirements, offered job positions and salaries.




  • Formal suit or dress (suit or trousers and shirt for men, suit or dress for women);
  • Short and clean fingernails, neutral manicure for women;
  • Neat and natural hairstyling. Hair below shoulder length should be confined;
  • Neutral makeup for women;
  • Minimum jewelry recommended. One ring per hand on any finger, simple and matched-pair earrings (one earring per ear) are acceptable. Earrings are unacceptable for men. Tatoos and piercing are not tolerated. 

Applicant’s personality is an important evaluation criterion for the interviewer. Be confident and sound optimistic! Do not forget to smile and demonstrate your hospitality skills! If you wonder about the way you should behave during the interview just put yourself into the interviewer’s shoes, and you will understands what kind of employees they need. The following web sites could be helpful in preparing for the interview:



If you were successful at the interview with a cruise company’s representative, our agency will receive your Letter of Employment with detailed ship assignment within next 1-6 months. However, if you were unsuccessful and didn’t get a job this time, please don’t give up! You can participate in the next interview, and we can help you get ready for it!

The applicants who received a job with the cruise company have to strictly follow the agency’s instructions in preparing the following documents:


 Medical examination certificate per company’s requirement

  C1/D US visa and any other transit visas if necessary

 Joining ticket to the assigned port on the assigned date

 Basic Safety Training STCW-95 certificate (if required)

 Seaman's book (if required by the cruise company)

 Any other documents as per employer's requirements

 The agency will provide you with all information on how to get the required documents. We also book tickets at the lowest prices and provide with all travel details, such as booked hotels, port agent contact information, ship information, personal items necessary to take to the ship, etc.

We always welcome all your questions regarding the job details, travel arrangements, and any other concerns. Please feel free to contact our agency by phone or e-mail if you have any problems or questions.